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How do ecological disasters affect me?

You get home after school one day and ask your mom if you can have your favourite fish sticks for dinner. She tells you that fish is really expensive right now and you will have to pick something else. Later on in the evening you hear updates on the clean-up of a nearby oil spill off the coast of Newfoundland. How did the oil spill affect the creatures that live there? What methods are being used to clean it up? Does it affect me at all? - Developped by Éclairs de sciences
Univers et concepts :
  • Vivant
  • Langage approprié
  • Systèmes et interaction
  • Technique et instrumentation
Compétences :
  • Chercher des réponses ou des solutions à des problèmes d’ordre scientifique ou technologique
Mots-clés :
  • environment
  • Food chains
  • habitat
  • interaction between human beings and their environment
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